Regulation Thermography: Breasts, Lymph, Thyroid + More!

I still meet a lot of people who have never heard of Regulation Thermography, so I would like to give a quick overview of this amazing technology.

Regulation Thermography pointThis technology is based on the association between temperature and disease. Even Hippocrates around 480 B.C. had described how mud could be used in diagnosis. The mud was spread all over the body and the areas that would dry first ( due to higher temperature ) indicated underlying organ pathology.

In 1954, Dr. Ernst Schwamm founded the German Society of Thermography and Regulation. Since then, ongoing research in Germany ( and also Denmark, France, Italy, Japan, United Kingdom and the United States ) has led to the development of Contact Regulation Thermography  ( an FDA approved adjunctive medical device ) not only for breast issues, but for thyroid, lymph, prostate, organs and the upper and lower digestive system.

The procedure involves the measurement of 119 specific points on the body by a highly sensitive temperature probe. The points measured are actually visceral cutaneous reflexes ( where the organs actually reflex out to the skin ). It is painless, non-invasive and does not involve any compression, radiation, or dyes. After the first set of points is taken, the patient undresses except for underwear ( men should wear loose boxer shorts or loose bathing trunks ). The patient then stands for 10 minutes in the slightly chilled room, and then the full 119 points are measured again.

The reason for the 2 sets of measurements is to see if the body is able to regulate properly to the cold challenge.  The exposure to the cold air puts the Autonomic Nervous System under stress and the second measurement will indicate if the different parts of the body are regulating properly or not as a result. A healthy body will show a specific temperature pattern. There are 3 types of regulation patterns : normal, rigid or blocked, hypo ( excessive cooling ) and hyper ( excessive heating ).

If the different parts of the body do not regulate in the expected normal patterns, then it indicates a disease process starting. This could be from inflammation, degeneration or a blockage such as found in cancerous terrain. This disease process starts as a functional disturbance which means that the area is not functioning properly. This is a very early warning system because it shows areas of disturbed function before there is structural damage.

An example of this in the breast would be the detection of the beginning of an abnormal pattern even before a tumor starts to develop. However, it is important to note that breast tissue is constantly fluctuating. The condition of the breast is also correlated to certain teeth, to the thyroid, and to lymph. It is not enough just to have a snapshot of the breast as imbalances here need to be cross-correlated to other parts of the body to get a more accurate picture of the disturbance. This is prevention at its best.

In my personal practice, I add the element of German New Medicine to the main findings in the scan. This empowers the patient and gives them a greater understanding of possible biological/emotional connections.

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