Homeopathic Toxicology Clearing ( Tautopathy )

Our bodies are being poisoned daily. We have been subjected to Xenobiotics ( synthetic chemicals ) for over 100 years and thousands of new ones are being developed every year. In tap water alone, up to 56,000 xenobiotics have been found. Since 1900, 2 million pesticides, herbicides and chemicals have been found in the human bloodstream.

Using the science of antidotes and toxicology in a systematic way ( going back chronologically through time ), tautopathy uses homeopathic preparations to remove the long-term effects of drugs and toxins. Exposure to these drugs/toxins artificially creates diseases in the body and mind. Even when the exposure to the toxin is long gone, the secondary effects linger indefinitely. These effects are either latent ( showing no symptoms ) or symptomatic.

Example: A lab test may be negative for a toxin but the patient still suffers from the effects of it. This is common with mercury poisoning. A person may have had their mercury fillings removed 20-30 years ago and then had Chelation Therapy but the secondary effects of the mercury would still be producing effects in the body/mind. This is where Homeopathic Oral Chelation and Tautopathy would be used to clear the secondary imprint.

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Special Features

Welcome to Okanagan Thermography +. Here is a list of some of the special features you will be able to take advantage of when visiting our clinic:
  • Fast and personable response to your needs
  • Multi-disciplinary Dr Ursula can address early imbalances in the body using the different medicinal aspects she practices
  • Providing meaningful recommendations to meet individual and family needs
  • Holistic approach to treatment

About Dr Ursula

Dr. Ursula’s practice is focused on pinpointing areas of dysfunction in the body before symptoms manifest. She analyzes the thermographic findings according to both the North American Medical Model as well as the German New Medical Model.