Dr ursulaDr. Ursula Harlos, M.A., D.H.M., Doctor of Homeopathic Medicine was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She completed her Bachelor and Master of Arts at the University of Manitoba. While her original studies were in Psychology and German Literature, life took her down another path. After personal illness and natural recovery, she went back to school to a 4 year post-graduate homeopathic medical program  guided first by Dr. L. Nielsen and then by Dr. P. K. Mozumdar. After further homeopathic studies, she began to focus extensively on tautopathy   ( clearing patients from environmental, occupational and  pharmaceutical toxic imprints ).

She also became a specialist in Regulation Thermography and studied with a German M.D. as well as other specialists all over North America since the beginning of 2006. In addition, she has been trained in German New Medicine by an Austrian teacher who worked directly with Dr. Hamer.

Dr. Ursula is dedicated to taking the fear factor out of the medical paradigm. This is why she chose Thermography, Homeopathy and German New Medicine as a team for addressing early imbalances in the body. She is especially focused on early detection and healing of breast issues. Regulation Thermography is an amazing adjunctive tool for detecting breast abnormalities. However, it also detects inflammation and degeneration in the organs. When these are detected early, there is a lot of time for intervention and subsequently prevention of more serious consequences later on. The key words in her practice are early detection, intervention and prevention.

In assessing the thermographic findings, Dr. Ursula uses both the North American Medical Model as well as the German New Medical Model. Once the client understands the biological reason for the disturbance, she/he feels more empowered and can take a more active role in healing. Understanding how the psyche, brain and organ work together in creating illness is crucial to begin the healing process. If no work is done on the inner level, it becomes difficult to achieve a permanent cure on the physical plane.

While Dr. Ursula focuses on exposing the mental/emotional aspects of the shocks that created the dysfunction, as well as clearing toxic imprints, she refers her clients to other health care specialists like naturopaths, homeopaths, bodyworkers, chiropractors as well as psychologists for complementary care.

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Special Features

Welcome to Okanagan Thermography +. Here is a list of some of the special features you will be able to take advantage of when visiting our clinic:
  • Fast and personable response to your needs
  • Multi-disciplinary Dr Ursula can address early imbalances in the body using the different medicinal aspects she practices
  • Providing meaningful recommendations to meet individual and family needs
  • Holistic approach to treatment

About Dr Ursula

Dr. Ursula’s practice is focused on pinpointing areas of dysfunction in the body before symptoms manifest. She analyzes the thermographic findings according to both the North American Medical Model as well as the German New Medical Model.